Comprehensive, Continuous Cloud Backup

Never lose data or files again! J&B backs you up to the cloud as you work.

Evaluate your current backup service

Are you backing up your files and data regularly to a local server or external hard drive? If so, that is a step in the right direction but probably not enough.

Have you tested your data recovery system? Are far back do you have to go back (meaning: how much do you lose?) And what if there is a network or hardware failure that makes it very difficult to go back?

Cloud Backup Storage to the rescue

Backing up your important data and files to the cloud is your best backup solution. With J&B Cloud, as long as you have internet you are backing up.

Cloud backup does not have a single point of failure because your data is distributed and encrypted across multiple servers cloud. You can rest easy because everything is backed up and safe!

And even better... J&B Cloud is always here to assist you when that moment comes and you need no-hassle restoration from your backups.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is continuous data backup?

Continuous means that your date and files are backed up in real-time. Depending on system setup, you can even save every version of a document as it was changed over time.